Collection and monitoring of DNA samples

The collection of DNA samples will expand to all wolf pack territories during the project. DNA samples help to estimate population sizes in more detail. Volunteers will be trained to collect samples. Read more about collecting and monitoring DNA samples.

Interaction and cooperation in wolf regions

The network of carnivore contact people will expand and strengthen, project planners will give information to people living in wolf regions and the operations of territory cooperation groups will be developed. Read more about interaction and cooperation in wolf regions.

Police and game warden patrol in Eastern Finland

The joint police and game warden patrol prevents criminal activities directed at natural resources and the illegal killing of wolves. Read more about the patrol.

Prevention of losses

The project conveys information about the biology of wolves and the prevention of losses caused by wolves. The project also develops practical means to prevent losses, such as dog vests to protect hunting dogs. In addition, the project provides help for animal farms to protect domestic animals. Read more about prevention of losses.

Modelling tools for wolf population management

Different goals and situations need to be addressed in wolf population management. The project develops tools for building action plans and impact forecasts. Read more about the modelling tools.


People, media and Parliament will have access to a range of up-to-date research information about wolves. Read more about communication.


LIFE BOREALWOLF conveys information about wolves and their behaviour, promotes local interaction and provides tools for the prevention of adverse impact and losses caused by wolves.

Project beneficiaries and financiers

Beneficiaries to the LIFE BOREALWOLF project, coordinated by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), are the Finnish Wildlife Agency, Metsähallitus (Parks & Wildlife Finland), the Eastern Finland Police Department and the Uusimaa district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.
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The project has received funding from the EU LIFE programme (LIFE18 NAT/FI/000394). Other financiers are the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of the Environment and all implementing organisations. The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) funds actions which prevent losses and protect domestic animals.
This website has been compiled by the LIFE BOREALWOLF project. Project beneficiaries take full responsibility for the materials included on this website. European Commission or the CINEA is not responsible for materials or any use that may be made of the information the website contains.
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